• IR light would flash and network is unstable only at night ?

    • Answer:

       (1) Please check and make sure the voltage is stable and this will  happens when the voltage is unstable. (2) change to another power supply


  • How wiring under long distance

    • Answer:

      The cable length should not be over 100m between the IPC and the next switch if over 100 meter, here are 3 solutions A: if the actual distance is between 200~300m, you can consider to use multiple switch series way, but in this way interference is a lot , so the use of up to 4 with good quality switch and switch between each other should not exceed 100m, the cost is low but the effect is not good. B: if the distance is more than 300m, it is recommended to use optical fiber and optical transceiver. This method is far from distance, stable transmission and low cost. C: if the distance between the monitoring points is remote and inconvenient to be wired, wireless mode can be considered.


  • the footage is good at day but cannot see at night as it is too dark ?

    • Answer:

      (1) IPC daytime images are normal, indicating that IPC is working, and if the night vision is dark, check whether the IPC has been set up in color or color mode. (2) restore the factory. If with correct setting, but still have the same problem , please check if you can hear “ click click “ and cover photo sensitive , if can see IR light is on , if no IR light, please change light board 


  • How save more videos on SD card?

    • Answer:

      ( 1) Bit rate can be reduced, frame rate as well  (recommended not to less than 18 frames) (2) record with second or third stream (3) use motion detection record 


  • video can be recorded with second or third stream ?

    • Answer:



  • IPC can search WIFI but cannot connect

    • Answer:

      (1) WIFI ‘s SSID( name) or password have special characters like +*&^% , if yes, please take off the special characters and connect again (2) clear browser’s cache or change to another browser (3) Restore factory setting 


  • IPC cannot find WIFI

    • Answer:

       (1) Restore factory settings (2) Clear browser cache or change browser to try again (3) Use PC client to search WIFI (4) Take a picture of IPC system information and sent to the customer service to confirm, to see if there’s the latest firmware to upgrade


  • WIFI signal is bad?

    • Answer:

      (1)Check if the antenna is tightened, whether there are other electrical interference around, such as microwave oven and change another place to test.

      (2) Check if the router's signal is weak 

      (3) Restore factory settings 

      (4) IPC internal antenna and motherboard contact buckle is not fastened ? (resulting in loose during transport) 

      (5) take a picture of IPC system information and sent to the customer service to confirm, to see if there’s the latest firmware to upgrade


  • with IE browser it doesn’t show image

    • Answer:

       (1) If the plug-ins has been installed well ?  The plug-ins needs to be installed and allow to run at first time (2) The Active X control is blocked. When you install the WEB control, the system needs to check the IE browser settings if it pops up a dialog box that prevents the installation control.Open the Internet Explore browser Internet options, select the custom level, "Active of X control is not marked as safe for initialization and scripting" and "download unsigned Active X control" for re-election tips.After saving, run the Internet Explore browser again.


  • cannot view the camera on phone with APP

    • Answer:

      (1) the camera is connected to the WAN (2) network on phone is well ? Try to change another network (3) if the camera’s IP address, subnet mask, default gateway. DNS are all set correctly according to the router or modern’s parameter . If you don’t know how to set , please click DHCP on search tool . (4) update APP  (5) P2P server if maintaining , and try again later


  • when visit the camera via WAN, the image is lagging or delayed

    • Answer:

       Generally, the network bandwidth of the Internet users is limited, and  it is difficult to transmit the HD stream on the Internet, so the low bit stream of the video camera can be chosen to satisfy the smooth picture quality in the low bandwidth. Optimize or enhance the upload bandwidth and download bandwidth of the host network, reduce the coding rate and frame rate of the camera.It might also be P2P server maintenance and try again later


  • cannot change the IP address

    • Answer:

      ( 1) changed IP parameter is correct ? For example: when change to, you also need change gateway and DNS to 2 on segment (2) if cannot change IP of the camera with IE browser, please clear the cache, the open IE again . Otherwise change to use another browser. But recommend use search tool to change IP addres


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