• You have forgot your password when Log in NVR System

    • Answer:

      (1)Count the temporary password with a calculator.you can tell us complete time and date that it shows in your PC or Monitor.And then we will give you a temporary password. You can use this password to log in, you can follow this construction: System Setup - System management- User Management- Modify Password And the old password you can write in this temporary password that we offer to you. Don’t need to write in New password, then go to click ok and your System can restore without password.

      (2) we can help you via Remote assistance to access your NVR System with Teamviewer software to restore the factory settings, and before work in remote access, you need to connect to your Recorder and your router with network cable, and then install client software go to open and search the IP Address and log in with this computer


  • There are two wireless NVR System installed in the same place,and the image appears chaos phenomenon

    • Answer:

      Q:There are two wireless NVR System installed in the same place,and the image appears chaos phenomenon (means you can see the image from your another Monitor of NVR System not the original NVR System

      A:To choose one of NVR and go to open the main menu, click right on your mouse- System setup- Network Setup- Wireless -Wireless channel, go to change to the others is ok.


  • Motion Detection E-mail alarm function

    • Answer:

      Support. When mobile detection work successfully and you will receive the screen shot from your Email.that you have set up this function in this Email.


  • The red exclamation mark appears in the lower left corner of the screen

    • Answer:

      (1)Please Enter System setup- Error Setup- Error Type- ALL- Enable(take out hitch mark)

      Then click OK that is ok


  • Does it support motion detected?

    • Answer:

      It can support,it can support timing record, motion detected and Alarm record at the same time.


  • Is it any possible to turn on in Browser directly with Apple computer?

    • Answer:

      Of course, and Windows System also can work.


  • Is it possible to view to MAC with EseeCloud software ?

    • Answer:

      Yes, It can work remote( P2P) in the LAN or outside the LAN.


  • Phone can not view the video from camera

    • Answer:

      (1)Check the wireless NVR Whether it is connected to a router or switch with network cable that the router or Switch can work normal

      (2) Enter the network setup of NVR settings and check whether the IP,Subnet Mask,gateway and DNS are connected correct or not.If you do not know how to set up, you can open the DHCP function.

      (3) Go to check if the Cloud( P2P) function whether you hitch it successfully in the front of frame and check your System

      (4) Update the phone APP Version or install your phone APP.The most import thing to check your Cloud Address(P2P) is

      correct when you add to your phone

      (5) Try to connecting your cell phone to another network or changing another cell phone to try again

      6 Maybe the P2P server is protecting and you can try to do late


  • Video will be get stuck or can not view fluently and it often disconnect.

    • Answer:

      (1)Please check whether the camera and NVR antenna are tightened or not. Then go to check your Wireless NVR and camera can work normally and put your camera near to your Wireless NVR to test whether the camera can view fluently

      (2)You can use the antenna extension cord to prolong NVR or camera and the antenna extension cord also can be used prolong simultaneously.

      (3)Try to connect your camera in ways of cascading.

      (4)Update camera and NVR firmware


  • Open and setup the 3G function

    • Answer:

      (1)Enter Main Menu - set up - Network Setup- 3G( in the left side)
      (2)It includes five items of Dial-Number/APN/PIN/Account/Password among correct configuration
      (3)Dial number and APN are needed to set up and PIN for the Account and password, you can choose to set up
      (4)PIN decode is similar to four numbers of decode of Encryption type of SIM card.  

      (5)The above specific settings are directly related to the 3G network operating service provider (ISP) and you can go to consult to them.


  • There is one or more channels without image of NVR Kit System.( Disconnected )

    • Answer:

      (1)Please check whether the camera are powered on,the camera and NVR antenna are tightened or not and go to cover the photosensitive and check whether the IR light can open or light up and check whether you can heard the sound of IR CUT switch or not. you also can go to put your camera near to your Wireless NVR to test whether it can show the image if your camera far from your Wireless NVR

      (2)You can go to delete the disconnect camera in the video management page of NVR,and then go to match code using network cable to connect to camera with your NVR.(if failed, you can try in several times)

      (3) Click Auto Add to add(means network cable transmission to add). If you fail to match code in many times, but the camera can be added when connect to the network cable. May be the camera WiFi module have some problem.If two ways of adding failed,please go to the next step

      (4) Please connect your camera with PC with network cable and check if there is network showing and then go to use Search Tool Software to search the IP Address.if you can search successful and then go to screen shot the picture of version information to us and we can help you to give you upgrade package to upgrade the firmware.


  • Wireless NVR reboot in many times

    • Answer:

      (1)To check your NVR power supply whether it is correct, go to change it with correct one.you can not use the camera power adapter.

      (2) Take out your Hard Disk from NVR and check it will reboot without Hard Disk

      (3) Unplug the cable and check whether it is arisen from the conflict with IP address or your PC IP address 

      (4)Restored factory defaults wireless NVR

      (5)Screen shot the version information and we can offer you upgrade package to upgrade the firmware


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