Camhi and Camhipro mobile APP upgraded

2021-07-19 Views:1630


 CamHi and CamHiPro version update instructions
According to the requirements of global network security related regulations, the network camera APP must be registered and logged in before it can be used. The new version of the APP has improved the level of network security and privacy protection. Customers must update the APP and do not use the old version of the APP.
Both Camhi and Camhipro have new versions of APP.

  1. What are the main differences between the new version of PP and the old version of APP?

a, The new version of the APP must use the mobile phone number to register an account and log in to use the camera. For account security, weak passwords are not allowed. The registered account password must be at least 8 digits or more, and must contain letters and numbers.

b, APP can only add cameras that are successfully online, and cameras that are offline or with the wrong password cannot be added successfully. The first account that successfully adds a camera becomes the owner of the camera. If the camera password is still the default password admin, after the camera is added, the APP will ask for mandatory modification of the camera password before it can be used, and the password requires at least 8 characters or more, which must contain letters and numbers.