20x zoom PTZ IP camera

The camera, Mobile phone surveillance become very simple, you only need to download an APP installed on your mobile phone, and scan the qr code of the camera body can achieve remote surveillance phone. Mobile phone surveillance software support rich parameter Settings, no matter you are the end user, or dealers, remote assistance become very easy. You can preview surveillance video , also can view the video and image files on your phone, if you connect the audio equipment, you can also realize the bidirectional audio listening. It is important to note that remarkable function can you use your mobile phone is connected to the camera, and the connection speed is beyond imagination , from the moment you click on the start, just can see the surveillance video within 2 seconds. More surprise is the camera APP phone software can use your personal social software for login, such as: twitter social software.


Our wireless camera not only support WIFI connection, and provide excellent wireless hotspot service. It is like a wireless router, use your mobile phone easily to search the camera with WIFI hotspot signal, if you are connected to the WIFI hotspot, your mobile phone and  camera network connection is established. At this point your phone can easily realize the video monitoring. Even without the Internet, the camera can connect to the phone in this mode.  It is worth mentioning that use of this function, you can easily configure your camera on your mobile phone, and get rid of complex computer programming Settings


3.0 mp hd 20 x optical zoom lens with a 4.7-94 - mm focal length range, it can effectively capture to within 100 meters of objects, efficient focusing algorithm, to ensure that in the whole process of zoom can still provide clear images. Let you grasp every wonderful moment. Even MAX ZOOM, focusing speed is amazing.

P02 360.jpg




Main features:

1/3 SONY IMAX 323 Super illuminance COMS image sensor +Hi3518EV200 CPU

>8x PCS High power infrared LED, IR night distance 100M.

>Three streams are provided and resolution, frame rate, bit rate adjustable.

The first stream is used for LAN or Wan HD monitoring.

The second stream is used for remote user monitoring preview.

The third stream is used for Remote monitoring of poor network speed 

>LENS: 4.7-94mm 20x zoom lens.

>Supports 360 degree level rotation , supports 95 degree vertical rotation .

>Support IP66 outdoor waterproof,

>Support 2.4G WIFI/802.11b/g/n wireless connection

> Support wireless wifi hotspot(AP)

>Support 1-128GB SD card storage(need additional sd card).

>Support audio input and output.(need additional MIC and speaker)

>Support SD card remote Motion detecting and timing snapshot

>Support Remote SD card pictures viewer and download (Motion detection snapshot and timing snapshot images)

>Offer 500M SD card storage space for image snapshot(Motion detection snapshot and timing snapshot)

>Support Mobile phone remote preview and playback, and support mobile phone local snapshot and record. 

>P2P mobile phone remote It is the industry has the fastest connection speed and can open the image in 2 seconds.and support phone App alarm info sending.

>Support VLC player by RTSP, Support Global standard ONVIF.

>Support Static IP and DHCP.

>Support up to 12 users browsing at the same time(Each stream supports four users).

>Support remote alarm linkage, sending email attaching 3 pictures and alarm information sent to the APP.

>Build in Motion Detection for 4 windows , Privacy Mask , image snapshot , Title OSD.

>Alarm picture upload to Email and FTP server,and support video upload to FTP.

>Onvif Compliant,support Blue Iris software.

>Smart Phone Support: iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android.

>Mobile phone APP support Rich feature set, you only need mobile phone, you can achieve all the camera configuration, away from the complex browser Settings and computer software Settings,install camera is so easy!

>Support Remote images and video sharing.

>Mobile APP support:about device review,system setting,Password setting,OSD setting,Video setting,Timing Capture,Mirror setting,IR led setting,Email setting,FTP setting,Alarm setting,Wifi setting,Network setting,Audio seting,Recording setting,SD card setting,cloud upgrade etc.

>A mobile phone can satisfy all your fantasies about cameras

Technical parameters:








HI 3518E V200

Image sensor

1/2.8 SONY IMAX 323 Super Low illuminance image sensor

Video Codec

H.264 + main profile and baseline


20x zoom



IR distance


Support mobile phone

All smart phone

P2P Cloud connection

Mobile PHONE APP,browser,P2P Client global Internet

Video Resolution

First stream1920*1080

Second stream704*576(D1)

Three stream320x176

Frame rate


Bit rate



Color>0.001 LUX B&W=0 LUX

SD card

Support MAX128GB

LAN Client softwawre

IP Camera Client,Blue Iris software and other IP camera client with ONVIF

P2P Client

No matter when, no matter where, as long as there is network, can you open the computer and  install the P2P software , you can easily access and control your remote cameras. And this is don't need any network configuration

Support Browser

MS Internet Explorer,Firefox,google browser,and support record and playback in Browser,and support Management 9 cameras in the same Browser


Support OSD character stack.You can set the time and channel name display or not

Image settings

You can adjust the parameters of image Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness, Exposure, Gamma, Distortion, Flip, Mirror, WDR, Shutter and Noise


Support G711 and G726 Coding format,and support 3 streams audio in and output

IP address

Support Automatic access and customization ip address

LAN interface

Wifi wireless ,RJ45 10Base-T/100Base-TX, WIFI/802.11b/g/n wireless


Support 2.4G WIFI IEEE802.11B/G/N ,Security mode:WEB ,WPA+PSK,WPA2+PSK

WIFI hotspot(PA)

Support Wifi hotspot,If you don't have a network, you can use your phone to connect to your camera by wireless hotspot.

Network Protocol


Access Protocol



Support third-party DDNS parsing services.

Mobile App

Support setting:about device review,system setting,Password setting,OSD setting,Video setting,Timing Capture,Mirror setting,IR led setting,Email setting,FTP setting,Alarm setting,Wifi setting,Network setting,Audio seting,Recording setting,SD card setting,cloud upgrade etc.

Snapshot(auto snap and timing snap)

Support Remote timing snapshot,and support mobile view images

Moving detection snapshot


Support :time.windows.com,time.nist.gov ,time.kriss.re.kr,time.nuri.net etc. ,Network Time Protocol

Motion detection

At most 4 respective regions

Alarm linkage

 E-mail Alarm and Send with Picture ,  Save Picture on the FTP Server , Save Video on the FTP Server , Relay out , Save Picture on the SD Card ,  Save Video on the SD card ,alarm send message to mobile phone APP


Support computer local record,SD card record,Browser record,FTP record,P2P client software record.Video recording includes: timing record,motion detection record,Schedule record,alarm record


Support SD card record playback,support SD card images playback

User management

Provide three levels of rights management (admin, user, guest), support to modify login user name and password

Inter Powerconsumption

DC12V 3A

Working temperature

-40℃ +55℃

Working Humidity




Mobile APP:

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

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