• IE browser have no images

    • Answer:

      (1)whether installed plugin,if you use the first,need to installing a plug-in and allow it operation.(2)when you install WEB controls ,Active X control is prevented.and system if the popup block installation control dialog box,you need to inspect the IE browser settings.Open the Internet browser Explore the Internet options,select custom level,will be Active X control for no marked as safe to initialize and scripts run and download unsigned Active X controls is up for re-election as reminder.Save after run Internet Explore the browser again.(3)If the firewall or anti-virus software to prevent plug-ins run,setting allows the plugin to run.(4change the browser have a try,such as firefox ,Google and so on.


  • Mobile phone APP side outside have no image

    • Answer:

      (1The camera is connected to the network or not(it can allow to surf the internet of the router or switch)

      (2)Phone network status is well,if not,you can try to replace other network.(3)The camera IP ,network ,gateway,DNS settings is correct or not,you can according to the router parameter settings,if you do not how to set up,you can set automatically obtain IP of the camera.(4)You can update the Mobile phone APP.(5) Maybe P2P server maintenance,try again later


  • Can not modify camera

    • Answer:

      1Modify IP parameters are correct,such as when you change to,need to change the gateway and DNS to 2 segment.(2)If you use IE modification is not successful,need to remove IE cache,restart again to modify or change the IE browser to modify again and using the search tool to change the IP(modify IP address,we suggest to use the search tool change.)


  • Camera can not control PT,but can ZOOM

    • Answer:

      (1)Please check the power output of the power adapter is 3A or not,and extend the power cord or not,but if you want to extend ,can extend it for AC (110V-240Vpower cord.2when the camera have a power will self-checking or not(camera can rotation,lens scale),if it can not self-checking,you need to examine whether have other thing prevent it work.(3)In camera menu,you can click PTZ config,check the parameters are correct or not.If wrong,you can change the address to 255 or 1 try.The following picture: (4Enter the movement completely restore factory settings menu


  • A dark night image(image color)

    • Answer:

      (1)Please check if you forced the IR light shut down function.if you force it,you need to call the preset points transfer it into automatic.(2)Call the preset point completely restore factory settings.(3)If you want to extend the power cord,you can extend it for AC power cord.


  • sometimes the camera lose images

    • Answer:

      (1)Please check the power adapter power supply is normal or not, check the network line structure is reasonable or not,such as single network have a long distance.(generally no more than 100 meters),switch cascade too many.(generally no more than 4 ),(2)please check The camera IP address and the other network within the local area network have IP conflict.(3Restore factory settings,examine the camera version information ,upgrade the latest version of camera.(4)You need to direct computer test for a period of time,whether have this phenomenon again.


  • The camera Ip address can search but cannot connect

    • Answer:

      The camera IP address and the computer IP address are not in the same network segment,such as the camera IP address is,and the computer IP address is will appear to search IP address but have no images.you need to modify the camera and computer IP address in the same network segment or add a camera IP network segment.(2)The camera IP address and the other network within the local area network have IP conflict,please check whether within the local area network have the same IP address with the network equipment of camera IP address.(3Please check the computer firewall or antivirus software is forbidden the video port,if have,you can turn off or change other computer have a try


  • The camera can not search IP address

    • Answer:

      (1)Check the camera power supply whether normal(power light on or not),after power on it will self-checking or not(the camera rotating ring,observe the lens have telescopic or not),the tail line router or switch net export by light have on.(2)when blocking the camera photosensitive,the IR light will open and can hear the sound of the IR cut switch or not.

      (3)Directly the camera with the Ethernet cable connected to the computer,if there is a network or not,If have network,you can open the search software to search IP address.(4)If you still cannot search IP address,you need to connect the camera with the router to search IP address(maybe camera option automatically obtain IP address,the router to allot the it)

      (5)First,need to forbidden the other network card expect the local connection.


  • NVR cannot search IPC

    • Answer:

       (1) make sure if the IPC has been powered up  and light on internet adapter is on ?  (2) set the IP of IPC and NVR to fixed IP address (3)  search IP address with ONVIF on NVR, if still cannot find the IP, please connect camera to NVR with cable to search (4)  with above ways, still fail, please connect the camera to computer with cable, then use search tool to find the IP address, access the camera with IE browser , take a picture of camera’s system information and send it to customer server.


  • IR light would flash and network is unstable only at night ?

    • Answer:

       (1) Please check and make sure the voltage is stable and this will  happens when the voltage is unstable. (2) change to another power supply


  • How wiring under long distance

    • Answer:

      The cable length should not be over 100m between the IPC and the next switch if over 100 meter, here are 3 solutions A: if the actual distance is between 200~300m, you can consider to use multiple switch series way, but in this way interference is a lot , so the use of up to 4 with good quality switch and switch between each other should not exceed 100m, the cost is low but the effect is not good. B: if the distance is more than 300m, it is recommended to use optical fiber and optical transceiver. This method is far from distance, stable transmission and low cost. C: if the distance between the monitoring points is remote and inconvenient to be wired, wireless mode can be considered.


  • the footage is good at day but cannot see at night as it is too dark ?

    • Answer:

      (1) IPC daytime images are normal, indicating that IPC is working, and if the night vision is dark, check whether the IPC has been set up in color or color mode. (2) restore the factory. If with correct setting, but still have the same problem , please check if you can hear “ click click “ and cover photo sensitive , if can see IR light is on , if no IR light, please change light board 


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