• I can find the IP address but cannot connect

    • Answer:

      (1) because the IP of camera is different from the computer’s , for example : the camera ‘s IP is and computer’s is, under such situation , change “ 1 “ to “0” on camera’s IP, in other words, change the segment of camera’s IP

      (2)the camera’s IP conflict with other device’s under the same LAN, check if there’s any device with the same IP address as camera’s

       (3)check if firewall or anti-virus software block video stream port or try to setup the camera on another computer 


  • Cannot search the IP address of the camera

    • Answer:

      (1) check if the camera has powered up , when powered , light on power supply is on ?  And the light on internet adapter is on ?

      (2) cover the photo sensitive ( the blue dot ) the IR light is on ? Do you hear a sound “ click “

      (3) connect the camera to computer with cable ,  if the network mark would show ? or just cross ?

        If comes up with network mark, please open search tool 


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